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The 1/4” Quilt Piecing Foot Guide is used to achieve the perfect 1/4” seam while the AcuFeed Flex System allows multiple layers to feed through evenly.
Fits Machine Models: MC15000, MC 14000, MC12000, MC9450QCP, MC9400QCP, MC8900QCP, MC8200QC,
ACUFEED FLEXTM In addition to the original twin type, single type feet can now be used, expanding sewing possibilities. AcuFeed FlexTM keeps your thickest, trickiest layers moving in perfect sync with the feed dogs. You’re going to love the new AcuFeed FlexTM feet for stitching your fluffiest quilts, installing zippers, or matching seams! The AcuFeed FlexTM fabric feeding system is fully detachable and easy to remove when you’re not using it. Select the presser foot that best matches your sewing needs and attach. Simply snap off when not in use and store out-of-the-way in one of the ample accessory trays.