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Silk is a beautiful thread to work with; both on and off the sewing machine. It can be used for many hand sewing techniques such as finishing hems, basting (it is so fine it will not leave an impression when pressed with an iron), and tailoring work. Silk thread is very smooth so travels through even the lightest most delicate fabrics without leaving a mark. Use it when quilting Chanel style jackets as the thread sinks into the textured loose weave of any fabrics. Silk thread can also be used for quilting. It is popular for English paper piecing since it does not add bulk to the seams. Because of its fineness, silk thread is used for applique work as it will seem to disappear into the fabric. If you have a fly fisherperson in your life, guard your silk thread! Silk thread is popular with fly rod wrapping and even for fly tying. The natural reflective lustre of silk makes it appear to change colour according to the angle of the thread and light making it attractive to both fisherperson and fish! 100 wt is finer than the standard sewing thread weight Made in Japan 100% silk 200m per spool (218.72 yds per spool)